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Surgery is an old therapeutic strength that utilizations agent manual and instrumental strategies on a patient to explore and/or regard an obsessive condition, for example, illness or harm, to enhance substantial capacity or appearance or to repair undesirable cracked territories. Understanding surgery to the best is the sole duty of a medical student because this is what they have to do in the practice. And to understand the subject, student will look out for a book that is right according to what they need and if they are having problems finding it then we are going to help them. For this purpose, today, we have come up with a book that is known for its greatness in the field of surgery and the name of the book is SRB’s Manual of Surgery.

SRB’s Manual of Surgery pdf Review:

This book is written by Sriram Bhat M. He is a very talented Surgeon which is known for his various contributions to the field. The book is one of the greatest books that are written for the field of surgery and students especially from the parts of India love it for the way it is written and it helps them understanding the subject better since it is written by someone from their region and he took care of what they needed. This book has a total of 4 editions and each edition contains latest research and knowledge from the field of medical sciences. Below I am going to mention some of the features from this book so that you will know why this book is unique in its own way.

srb manual of surgery pdf

Features of SRB’s Manual of Surgery pdf:

  • Here is a list of features that make this book very unique to study for surgery.
  • SRB’s Manual of Surgery conveys student specialists completely exceptional with the most recent systems and procedures by and large surgery.
  • Every section inspects both regular and unprecedented issue that may happen in various parts of the body and the surgical strategies used to treat them.
  • Malignancies are secured in more prominent point of interest in the new release, talking about organizing and current oncological patterns.
  • This 1336pp thorough manual incorporates 2200 full shading clinical photos with gritty clarifications, and in addition boxes highlighting key physical signs to help learning.
  • The past version distributed in 2010. Key focuses 1350pp new version conveying student breakthrough with most recent systems and procedures when all is said in done surgery.
  • Discusses basic and less normal conditions in all parts of the body. Greater scope of malignancies in the fourth release 2200 full shading clinical photos with clarifications. Includes key learning boxes highlighting physical signs.

Chapters in SRB’s Manual of Surgery:

Here is a list of main chapters that are present inside this book.

  1. Chapter 1: General Surgery.
  2. Chapter 2: Faciomaxillary diseases.
  3. Chapter 3: Oral Cavity.
  4. Chapter 4: Slivery Glands.
  5. Chapter 5: Neck.
  6. Chapter 6: Thyroid.
  7. Chapter 7: Para thyroids and Adrenals.
  8. Chapter 8: Breast.
  9. Chapter 9: Peritoneum.
  10. Chapter 10: Abdominal Tuberculosis.
  11. Chapter 11: Liver.
  12. Chapter 12: Gall bladder.
  13. Chapter 13: Spleen.

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You can download SRB Surgery pdf free below:

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