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pharmacology is branch of medical science which deal with effect of drugs on living tissue. pharmacology deal with detail study of drugs eg; effect ,swallowing, action, absorption, distribution and excretion. Drug is an active substance which is taken in small amount to cure the disease. To study pharmacology Tara v shanbhag is the best recommended book. Let us teel you about the book by quick review of this book.

Shanbhag Pharmacology pdf

Tara pharmacology pdf review:

The book has written by two Indian pharmacologist TARA V SHANBHAG and SMITA SHENOY.The book has been written in a very simple words. one can easily pick a conceptual knowledge from this book. Shanbhag given the opportunity of easily understanding pharmacology through this book. this book have a complete knowledge about pharmacology(drugs).

Features of  Tara pharmacology pdf:

Here are some feature of this book;

  • The text is presented in a simple precise and point-wise manner.
  • The style of presentation of this book would help studentes to quickly review.
  • It can be easily revised for examination.
  • To make the learning simpler and comprehension easier for the students . numerous table, flowcharts, and line diagrams have been included.
  • There are two editions of this book.
  • For easy learning friendly mnemonics are also present.
  • some new topic like pharmacovigilance, pharmacoeconomics, rational use of drugs, vaccines and sera vitamin, minerals and antiseptics have been introduced.

Chapters of Tara pharmacology pdf:

  1. chapter 1:General pharmacology.
  2. chapter 2:Drud acting on autonomic nervous system.
  3. chapter 3:Drugs affection cardiovascular system.
  4. chapter 4 : Renal pharmacology.
  5. chapter 5: Drug acting on central nervous system.
  6. chapter 6 : Autocoids and Respiratory system.
  7. chapter 7: Drugs use in the treatment os Gastrointestinal disease.
  8. chapter 8:Drugs acting on blood and blood forming organs.
  9. chapter 9: Endocrine pharmacology.
  10. chapter 10: Drugs acting on uterus.
  11. chapter 11: Chemotherapy.
  12. chapter 12: Miscellaneous Drugs.

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