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Physiology is the subject of function  of body and human physiology is one of the basic subject for medical students which is also a base for advance subjects. There are many books of physiology like guyton physiology etc but sembulingam physiology is one of the standard and well known book that is used world wide.

sembulingam physiology pdf

Sembulingam Physiology pdf Review:

This book is famous as sembulingam physiology because the  authors of the book are K SEMBULINGAM and PREMA SEMBULINGAM. For ghytan and hall sembulingam physiology is one of leading competitor book. The book book holds all the basic knowledge of human physiology. This is one of the best standard book of physiology. More about the book lets read the feature of this book.

Features Sembulingam physiology pdf:

Here are some of the features of this physiology book:

  • Sembulingam physiology is one of the standard book of physiology all around the world.
  • It is used all across the globe by physcians and other medical students.
  • There are various diagrams and illustrations that make its very easy to learn and understand physiology.
  • Every topic is explained with a heading and examples.
  • For physiology this is the most searched book on internet
  • To study this on your laptop, mobile and computer you should download the pdf version from below.

Sembulingam physiology chapters:

Here is the list of all the chapters in this book. you can get some idea about the book and its format from this list:

  1. Chapter 1: General Physiology.
  2. Chapter 2:Blood and Body fluids.
  3. Chapter 3:Muscle Physiology.
  4. Chapter 4:Digestive system.
  5. Chapter 5:Renal physiology.
  6. Chapter 6:Endocrinology.
  7. Chapter 7:Reproductive system.
  8. Chapter 8:Cardiovascular system.
  9. Chapter 9:Respiratory system and Environmental physiology.
  10. Chapter 10: Nervous system
  11. Chapter 11: Special senses

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