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A good examination of patient makes very easy for a doctor to treat a disease with proper manner. Proper examination of a patient is very important because without a good examination a doctor could not prescribed a proper medicine and treatment. For taking history and clinical examination MACLEOD’s CLINICAL EXAMINATION is the best recommended book. Let us tell you about the book by a quick review.

Macleod’s clinical examination is edited by GRAHAM DOUGLAS, FIONA NICOL, COLIN ROBERTSON. The goal of this book is how to take a patient history, clinical examination, evaluate symptoms and to find a physical signs of disease. The book covers very basic clinical examination of babies, children and critical illness. Macleod’s clinical examination is very important to read for medical students, nurse practitioners and paramedics as well as for practicing doctors especially those sitting postgraduate examination. Macleod’s clinical examination is closely integrated with Davidson’s principles and practice of medicine and Macleod’s clinical diagnose. To know more about Macleod’s clinical examination read the main features.

Macleod's Clinical Examination pdf

Features of Macleod’s Clinical Examinations pdf:

Some important features of this book are given below

  • This book is very helpful to learns the skills of history taking and also physical examination
  • The book is very best for medical undergraduate and also for postgraduate doctors particularly those studying high clinical examination
  • There are 13th editions  which show the greatness of this book. The latest edition has divided into a section and have an addition chapters
  • The pdf version of this book is very helpful to study the book on a laptop, mobile and computer

Download Macleod’s Clinical Examination pdf:

You can download Macleod’s clinical examination pdf latest version free below.

NOTE: We don’t own the copyrights of  Macleod’s clinical examination pdf. This pdf version is just for testing the book. IF you really like the book, you should purchase it from original author to give some credit for his hard work.

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