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Nurse pocket guide, a book that is written to easy access to diagnosed a patient and make the best available care to patients effectively. It is a quick reference for the thoroughly select the appropriate diagnosis to the patients. Nursing is a part of medical science and play a major role in patients management in hospitals. Nurse’s Pocket Guide: Diagnoses, Prioritized Interventions and Rationales is quick pocket tool for patients diagnosis. We wrote a quick review on Nurse’s Pocket Guide: Diagnoses, Prioritized Interventions and Rationales 14th edition and we hope after reading this review you may find the book useful to you. you may also download the book in pdf form by clicking the download link.

Nurse’s Pocket Guide: Diagnoses, Prioritized Interventions and Rationales PDF:

The authors of this book are Marilynn E Doenges, Mary Moorhouse, Alice C. Murr. There are 14 edition of this great nurse’s pocket guide published so far. The 14th Edition features all the latest nursing diagnoses and updated interventions. There is also a “pocket minder” which is quick reference bookmark to make the diagnosis more easy.

Nurse's pocket guide

Features of “Nurse’s Pocket Guide”:

Following are the wonder features of this book given below:

  • Following interventions are precisely organized by priority with selected rationales.
  • The Index contain more than hundred diseases/disorders  with prioritized associated nursing diagnoses.
  •  There are Interventions for acute care, collaboration, community/home care/cultural considerations, diagnostic studies, medications, and lifespan considerations.

Tables Of Contents:

Following are the tables of contents;

  1. The Nursing Process and Planning Client Care.
  2. Nursing Diagnoses in Alphabetical Order.
  •   For each nursing diagnosis, the following information is provided:
  • Diagnostic Division.
  • Definition.
  • Related/Risk Factors.
  • Defining Characteristics: Subjective/Objective.
  • Desired Outcomes/Evaluation Criteria.
  • Actions/Interventions.
  • Nursing Priorities.
  • Documentation Focus.
  • Sample Nursing Outcomes & Nursing Interventions Classifications (NOC/NIC).
  1. 3.   Health Conditions and Client Concerns with Associated Nursing Diagnoses.
  •    Appendix 1: Tools for Choosing Nursing Diagnoses.
  •          1. Adult Medical / Surgical Assessment Tool.
  •          2. Diagnostic Divisions: Nursing Diagnoses Organized According to a Nursing Focus.
  •     Appendix 2:
  •           1. Client Situation and Prototype Plan of Care.
  •          2. Another Approach to Planning Client Care—Mind or Concept Mapping Bibliography.

Download Nurse’s Pocket Guide 14th Edition PDF:

Download the Nurse’s Pocket Guide 14th edition in pdf form by click the download button.

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