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Is it possible for a Doctor to treat a disease before knowing what it is? No! He can’t and even a freak knows that. To go after the treatment of a disease, it is necessary for a doctor first to diagnose a person to know the disease he is having and then he can proceed with the treatment. In fact this is a complete subject in the field of Medical sciences and there are also many books written for the purpose. The best of these books is Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2016 pdf.

About Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment:

This is the top used books to understand the operations related to disease diagnosis and then the treatment of disease. Considered by Doctors and other medical experts, the best book in the field of medical for the purpose which is helping out students in a great way. This book is the fruit of writing works by Dr. Maxine and Dr. Stephen J Mcphee. Let us have a look on some features of the book to know why this book reached such success.

current medical diagnosis and treatment pdf 2016

Features of CMDT 2016 pdf:

Below are the various features of this book which makes it the best reading option of the medical students.

  • This Books is the most sold book and is used by every student related to this field.
  • We can very well estimate the popularity of the book since it has already received its 55th edition.
  • I guess there is not a single problem related to diagnosis which has not been discussed in this book.
  • The book authors have also introduced an online program for the book in which there many other problems stated related to the diagnosis subject.

Chapter in Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment:

This book has a total of 43 chapters whose names are listed below.

  1. Chapter 1: Disease Prevention and health promotion.
  2. Chapter 2: Common Symptoms.
  3. Chapter 3: Preoperative evaluation and preoperative management.
  4. Chapter 4: Geriatric Disorders.
  5. Chapter 5: Palliative care and pain management.
  6. Chapter 6: Dermatological Disorders.
  7. Chapter 7: Disorders of the eyes and lids.
  8. Chapter 8: Ear, nose and throat disorders.
  9. Chapter 9: Pulmonary Disorders.
  10. Chapter 10: Heart Diseases.
  11. Chapter 11: Systemic Hypertension.
  12. Chapter 12: Blood Vessels and lymphatic disorders.
  13. Chapter 13: Blood Disorders.
  14. Chapter 14: Disorders of Hemostasis, thrombosis and anti-thrombotic therapy.
  15. Chapter 15: Gastrointestinal Disorders.
  16. Chapter 16: Liver, Billiary track and pancreas disorders.
  17. Chapter 17: Breast Disorders.
  18. Chapter 18: Gynecologic Disorders.
  19. Chapter 19: Obstetrics and Obstetric disorders.
  20. Chapter 20: Rheumatologic, Immunologic, and allergic disorders.
  21. Chapter 21: Electrolyte and acid base disorders.
  22. Chapter 22: Kidney diseases.
  23. Chapter 23: Urologic Disorders.
  24. Chapter 24: Nervous System Disorders.
  25. Chapter 25: Psychiatric Disorders.
  26. Chapter 26: Endocrine Disorders.
  27. Chapter 27: Diabetes, Mellitus and Hypoglycemia.
  28. Chapter 28: Lipid Disorders.
  29. Chapter 29: Nutritional disorders.
  30. Chapter 30: Common problems in infectious diseases and antimicrobial therapy.
  31. Chapter 31: HIV infections and Aids.
  32. Chapter 32: Viral infections.
  33. Chapter 33: Bacterial and Chlamydial infections.
  34. Chapter 34: Spirochetal infections.
  35. Chapter 35: Protozoal and helminthic infections.
  36. Chapter 36: Mycotic infections.
  37. Chapter 37: Disorders related to environmental emergencies.
  38. Chapter 38: Poisoning.
  39. Chapter 39: Cancer.
  40. Chapter 40: Inherited Disorders.
  41. Chapter 41: Sports medicine and outpatient orthopedics.
  42. Chapter 42: Women’s health issues.
  43. Chapter 43: Diagnostic testing and medical decision making.

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You can download Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2016 pdf:

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