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In the field of Anatomy, the body structures and the physical parts of the human body are under discussion. A good doctor is always well aware of the field of anatomy since it automatically relates to many other fields of medical sciences including embryology, life structures and much more. This field of medical sciences also deals with the drugs for killing diseases. To study Anatomy, your first priority should be to find a book which can teach you Anatomy from basics and can also prepare you for USMLE tests. BRS Gross Anatomy pdf from Boards Review series is that book you need if you didn’t know.

BRS Gross Anatomy pdf Review:

BRS Anatomy is written by Kyung Won Chung PhD who is known for his uncountable contributions to the field of Medical sciences. Writing a book for BRS series is a challenging matter because you need to tell students detailed things in very precise manner. That is the quality of BRS series that they tell you important and detailed things in quick study program. This book has a total of 8 editions and the 8th edition contains latest info and improvements regarding Anatomy and also contains very important things about USMLE tests.

brs anatomy pdf

Features of BRS Anatomy pdf:

  • BRS Anatomy is the only book of Anatomy which you can use to study the physical characteristics of human body along with the preparation program for USMLE tests.
  • This is the most searched book for the field of Anatomy because of its precise pattern and the level of information which is simply unmatchable.
  • Text present in the book is written in easy to understand English language vocabulary and grammar that even a student with weaker English can understand.
  • You can learn about almost everything related to Anatomy even though this book is a short one.
  • After you are finished with reading each chapter, there is a summary of it at the end through which can you can summarize what you have learned and it helps you to remember things in key points.
  • There are different diagrams and tables to each topic that are very helpful to understand the subject in a practical manner.
  • Different technical questions and answers, MCQs and other examination exercises are present at the end of each chapter. Solving them will definitely test your knowledge and this can help you in the preparation of examination and also USMLE tests which is very important.

Chapter in BRS Anatomy pdf:

Here is a list of chapters that are present in the book of BRS Anatomy.

  1. Chapter 1: Introduction.
  2. Chapter 2: Upper Limb.
  3. Chapter 3: Lower Limb.
  4. Chapter 4: Thorax.
  5. Chapter 5: Abdomen.
  6. Chapter 6: Perineum and Pelvis.
  7. Chapter 7: back.
  8. Chapter 8: Head and Neck.

Download BRS Anatomy pdf Free:

You can download free pdf for BRS Anatomy below:


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