Pathoma lectures video Free Download LINK:

pathoma videos lectures download

Fundamental of pathology also known as pathoma is wonderful review book of pathology. Pathoma is one of the best recommended and used book for USMLE Step 1 examination and other board exam. By Reading pathoma book alone without pathoma lectures is useless. Because one can understand a topics when he learn from teacher. Reading the pathoma book along with pathoma lectures make pathology very easy. pathoma lectures explain every topic in detail. Review Of Pathoma Lectures: Fundamental of pathology (

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Sabiston’s Textbook Of Surgery PDF 20th Edition Free Download [Direct Link]:

Sabiston's Textbook Of Surgery PDF

surgery is one of a  primitive medical specialty that uses instrumental techniques and operative manual on a  patients to investigate,  cure and treat the pathological conditions such as injury and diseases. A surgery helps to remove the unwanted or damaged parts of organs or some tissue to improve the bodily function and person health. The act of performing a surgery is known as operation or surgery. A doctor who practices the surgery is literally known as surgeon. The surgery is

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Rang And Dale’s Pharmacology 9th edition PDF [direct link]:

rang and dale pharmacology pdf

Pharmacology is the branch of pharmaceutical and science in which we learn about different diseases and medicines for those diseases. We talk about different combinations of medicines that could heal a certain type of disease. The pharmacists go through a detail study of all the diseases, medicine, and combinations of medicines to heal different diseases. Rang and Dale’s Pharmacology is one of the best books that you can get for the study of pharmacology. Today, I am going to review

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Gray’s Anatomy for students PDF Free [ Download Direct Link ]:

Gray's anatomy pdf

In past, I have written about many books that are used all over the world by students for their anatomy studies but still there are a lot of books that you can use. One of the many books that you can have is Gray’s Anatomy and it should not be confused with Grey’s Anatomy which is a TV show. Gray’s Anatomy has many features which make it a standard book for the study of anatomy and as far as I

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